Applying Turbosmooth on already rigged mesh

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Guide by Kiki (kichaza) on Second Life.

Ok so you have model with skin modifier selected. You then go to Utilities (hammer symbol) -> more -> skin utilities -> export skin data to mesh. This gives you a copy of the mesh with all the skin data, however saved implicit. You then apply turbosmooth to that mesh. You also apply turbosmooth to the original skinned mesh, however remove skin modifier first. Now you have two meshes, neither are rigged, both have turbosmooth on them. Now put them on same position so that they line up perfectly, give the original mesh its skin modifier back on top of turbosmooth, don't forget to add the bones. Now select both meshes and go to utilities->skin utilities -> import from mesh, then copy the weights from skin data mesh

You can then move aside / delete the skin data mesh, the result should be a turbosmoothed mesh that has perfect rig. There's probably a simpler way to do it too, but since it worked for me I just kept using it

If you don't like turbosmooth modifier in the mod stack you can safely collapse it to an edit poly one and re-use the turbosmoothed as new base. I did that for one of my SL models since SL doesnt recognize turbosmooth modifer.

basically -> export skin to mesh -> turbosmooth both meshes -> reimport skin