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Welcome to the Dawg Wiki!

No, I did not decide the name, blame Anshi and Keeta for this one! Why do I use the domain Because I had it parked for a year now. Also don't question the logo, I had to improvise.

About this wiki

This wiki functions as public notes for me and other members of this wiki. You will encounter various grammar errors, confusing documentation, or just plain copy pasted materials from other sites (In this case, I ask for whoever does that to list a source when possible). You will find here information ranging from Linux systems to World of Warcraft information.

Current categories

Category:3D, Category:Linux, Category:Windows and our favorite Category:World of Warcraft


I do not issue any guarantee that any of the documentation on this Wiki will work for you, and I'm not responsible for any kind of damages you cause by following any information from this wiki! Use it at your own risk!


  • IMPORTANT: Optimize Wiki performance! Spam User:Posttwo about this issue, he knows how PHP caching works! Fixed by restarting MySQL? Find permanent fix. Whole server was nuked and now running on a fresh system, which also fixed the issue.
  • Logo Replace the logo with something that's not stupid
  • Dark theme for Mediawiki Fix the colors, looks ugly.
  • Quick user guide for Wiki
  • Write better "About" page
  • Fix Steam link blockade After 5 months of contacting support, it is not possible to fix this issue. A new temporally fix has been found instead. Replace with in any link you decide to share with someone on Steam, it should redirect them correctly to the correct page.
  • Get TLD domain or subdomain for Wiki Feel free to use
  • Get people to actually use the site